The Probate Hearing

Depending on the type of probate that your loved one’s estate requires, a hearing may be necessary.

Do not worry, though, probate hearings for the vast majority of estates are very simple, short, and straightforward. There won’t be a prosecutor or opposing attorney there to cross examine anyone. There won’t be a jury, or a trial, or a verdict. You won’t have to “take the stand” and be interrogated.

It isn’t intimidating or scary, and your probate attorney will be right next to you the entire time to assist you. Also, the probate court judges are extraordinarily compassionate and helpful.

Most often, the hearing will last only a matter of minutes. During that time, your probate attorney will ask you a few questions about the person who passed away, and about other facts relevant to the estate. For most probates, that’s basically it. (Also, if your hearing is early on the docket, then you can be in and out of the courthouse in 30 minutes, so make sure to ask your attorney to schedule your hearing early on the docket.)