We believe that estate planning, will contests, and probate law issues are important. Every citizen should have at least a basic understanding of these matters, and also know how the law will impact their lives.

As cliché as it sounds, knowledge is power. With knowledge about the law, you are better able to plan for your future, to protect your family, and to ensure that your wishes are fulfilled after you pass away. And you don’t need to know the entire Texas Estates Code by heart to benefit. Even just a little knowledge goes a long way.

We have seen countless cases where just a little knowledge about Wills, or a basic understanding about how probate works, could have saved a family thousands of dollars and immeasurable heartache. So, please, take advantage of the educational resources we offer through articles and group presentations.

Educational Articles

We have prepared a variety of free educational articles to help you learn more about the law and to hopefully give you a general idea about some things you might find helpful to reflect on in your own life.  These articles touch on common questions that the public often has, and also generally cover some of the basics.

Simply click on the below topics to learn more.

Public Education and Group Presentations

In addition to these articles that you may read in private, you might find an in-person group presentation helpful as well.

To reiterate, we believe it is important that the public understand the law and how it will affect their lives. Because of that, we offer educational group presentations to the public. Perhaps you belong to a church group or a community organization. Maybe you are in charge of organizing continuing education seminars for your professional colleagues.

Whatever it may be, if a brief presentation about these matters at one of your group meetings could benefit your organization and its members, please feel welcome to call us at (281) 803-5878.